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CSAFE, Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust, was formed in 1988 and is an original Colorado local government investment pool developed by Colorado local governments for Colorado local governments. CSAFE’s sole purpose is to serve government entities in Colorado to meet their daily cash management needs with an emphasis on:

Per CSAFE’s Indenture of Trust Article IV Section 4.1…the general investment policy and objective of the Trustees shall be to provide to the Participants of the Trust safety of capital, liquidity of funds and highest investment yield, in that order, while maintaining liquidity and preserving capital by investing in Permitted Investments in accordance with federal and Colorado State laws, rules, regulations and promulgations.  

CSAFE adheres to the maturity, liquidity, and eligibility guidelines set by applicable Colorado State Law, rules, regulations, and promulgations. CSAFE Cash seeks to meet or exceed the minimum liquidity limits of these guidelines found in GASB Statement 79.

CSAFE provides daily confirms to participants as well as monthly statements. CSAFE also publishes it daily shadow NAV on the front page of its website. CSAFE posts monthly portfolio holdings reports by the 5th day of the following month. CSAFE posts its Information Statement which details specific information regarding the fund.

CSAFE offers a competitive yield on surplus cash, adhering to safety and liquidity first.

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