CSAFE at the Rockies - June 12

CSAFE is excited to sponsor “A Day at the Rockies” June 12th against the Chicago Cubs.
The morning seminar will be 8:30 am - 12:00 noon, with registration and continental breakfast from 8:30-9:00 am.
  • LGIPs – Considering Risk and Credit Analysis - Joe Giarratano, Standard & Poors
  • Economic and Markets Update - Vijay Chandar, Market Strategist, Morgan Stanley
  • Public Fund Portfolios - Glenn Scott, FA, Angie Pizzichini, FA, Morgan Stanley Zephyr Group
The afternoon baseball game can be viewed from the Upper level Shane Co. Bana and will include lunch.
Please RSVP to Bob Krug at or 720-592-3779 if you want to attend. Space is limited and reservations will be handled in the order received.

Colorado Core

Check out CSAFE’s Colorado Core fund! 

CSAFE Announcement

CSAFE is pleased to announce the addition of Tim Kauffman to the CSAFE management team as Management Advisor.  Tim was most recently the Jefferson County Treasurer for nearly 10 years.  During much of that time he served as a member of CSAFE’s Board of Trustees. He also has experience in banking, treasury and liquidity management in the financial services sector. Tim will be acting as an administrative manager for CSAFE on behalf of the Board of Trustees as well as working with Bob Krug managing CSAFE’s Participant Relations and Marketing.

Tim Kauffman
Email -
Phone - 720-592-3780
Bob Krug
Email -
Phone - 720-592-3779


Fitch Rating on Colorado Core

CSAFE is pleased to announce its FITCH Rating on Colorado Core, soon to be launched to all participants in April. Please click here to review the press release. 

GASB Statement 79

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) created statement 79 to “address accounting and financial reporting for certain external investment pools and pool participants”. GASB 79 is the national guidance for all local government investment pools electing to measure investments at amortized cost for financial reporting purposes.  Due to the reform of SEC 2a-7 in October 2016, GASB 79 was written to replace the current guideline regarding LGIP’s to be 2a-7 like. 

The GASB 79 statement allows many state and local government external investments pools to continue to qualify for amortized cost accounting. CSAFE adheres to the guidelines outlined in GASB 79 regarding liquidity, maturity, quality, diversifications and shadow NAV pricing. 

CSAFE follows all guidelines outlined in GASB 79, highlighting the following:
  1. Security maturing in 397 calendar days or less
  2. Maintain a weighted average maturity of 60 days or less
  3. Maintain a weighted average life of 120 days or less
  4. Securities denominated only in USD
  5. A security must be rated by an NRSRO with the highest category rating of short-term credit ratings or its long-term equivalent category.
  6. Securities without credit ratings must be comparable credit quality to securities that have been rated within the highest category of short term credit ratings.
  7. No more than 5% of its total assets in investments of any one security (except for U.S. government securities, including its agencies and instrumentalities)
  8. No more than 10% of its total assets in investments with credit support through a demand feature or guarantee in one issuer.
  9. Will hold at least 10% of its total assets in daily liquid assets.
  10. Will hold at least 30% of its total assets in weekly liquid assets.
  11. CSAFE prices its portfolio daily using multiple pricing sources and posts its shadow NAV daily on its website.
  12. CSAFE measures all of its investments at amortized cost
Please do not hesitate to call 303-316-5151 if you have any further questions.