CSAFE Management

Investment Advisory Services

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC. serves as the investment advisor to CSAFE.

These duties include:

  • Providing the Board of Trustees with monthly investment information.
  • Monitoring the changes in the capital markets.
  • Structuring of the securities portfolio.
  • Executing security transactions and providing for the settlement of those transactions.
  • Obtaining third party pricing of all securities for use in determining CSAFE"s net asset value.
  • Monitoring cash flow on a daily basis and for making the adjustment of CSAFE"s portfolio's so as to meet the daily liquidity needs.
  • Use its best efforts to obtain the best net price and the most favorable execution orders for the purchase and sale of portfolio securities.
  • Organizing quarterly meetings and financial reports

Administration Services

LT Trust company, Inc. provides administrative services to CSAFE Participants through a staff of professionals.

These duties include:

  • Maintaining all Participant records and overall Participant relations.
  • Servicing all Participant accounts in a manner customary to the industry.
  • Determining and allocating income of CSAFE's funds.
  • Maintaining separate accounts for each participating entity.
  • Recording individual transactions and totals of all investments.
  • Serving as registrar for the Trust.
  • Arranging for the redemption of shares by participating entities.
  • Providing confirmation for all transactions, purchases and redemptions.
  • Arranging for annual audits of CSAFE.
  • Securing surety and other bonds necessary to protect CSAFE.