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The following contact information allows CSAFE Participants access to the staff of the investment advisor and administrator via telephone, fax, email and the website.

Fund transactions can be entered on CSAFE"s website, fax or via telephone. Our operating hours are: Monday – Friday 7:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Transaction Requests

Shannon Langford
Barbette Reimer

(303) 296-6340
Toll Free: (800) 541-2953

In the unlikely event that staff is unavailable for a telephone request, please do not leave the transaction request on our voice mail. Simply leave your phone number and a staff member will return your call as soon as possible.

Participant Services:

Elevate Business Solutions, LLC

Bob Krug

(303) 357-4807
Email Bob Krug

Elevate Business Solutions, LLC

Tim Kauffman

(303) 357-4699
Email Tim Kauffman


Portfolio Management:

Zephyr Group at Morgan Stanley
Glenn Scott

Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Management Director
NMLS ID #2153565

(303) 316-5151
Email Glenn Scott

Zephyr Group at Morgan Stanley
Trisha Mingo

Financial Advisor

(303) 316-5151
Email Trisha Mingo

Zephyr Group at Morgan Stanley
Nik Yip, CFA

Financial Advisor, Portfolio Management Director

(303) 316-5151
Email Nik Yip

Zephyr Group at Morgan Stanley
Angie Leach-Pizzichini

Financial Advisor, Corporate Cash Investment Director
NMLS ID 2176543

(303) 316-5151
Email Angie Leach-Pizzichini

Zephyr Group at Morgan Stanley
Chris Toney

Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager

(303) 316-5151
Email Chris Toney