Opening your account is simple! In just four easy steps your government can open up a CSAFE account. Each participant may open more than one account with variable account access privileges.

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Review the Indenture of Trust

The Indenture of Trust is a contract among the participants regarding the pooling of their assets for investment purposes.

This document also describes the operational guidelines, permitted investments, limitations on liability, share information, issues related to the Trustees and Officers, net asset value determination, and custodian duties.

Indenture of Trust

Adopt a Resolution

Some participants may wish to become a party to the Indenture of Trust and investment in CSAFE by formal action of their governing board or council.

The attached model resolution effects a specific approval of the execution of the Indenture of Trust and investment in CSAFE. This document must be signed by an individual of the board, commission or council of the governing body.

Model Resolution