Credit Rating

CSAFE Credit Rating


Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust received its AAAm rating from Standard & Poor’s Corporation (S&P) in 1995. S&P has two types for LGIPs 1) principal stability fund ratings for stable value funds and 2) fund credit quality rating for variable net asset value funds. This type of fund also carries a volatility rating component.

CSAFE is strictly structured as stable value investment pool (structured to maintain a net asset value of $1.00 per share). Thus, the principal stability fund rating is applicable to CSAFE. The highest credit rating for this type of rating is AAAm.

Surveillance Process

In order to maintain its AAAm credit rating, CSAFE must follow the strict investment parameters of S&P. This includes diversification and maturity restriction elements. Each week, a detailed portfolio report must be submitted to S&P similar to the attached report (S&P Surveillance Report). In addition, as part of this process each security must be independently priced by its Custodian, US Bank.

Credit Rating Reports

The S&P rating profile report dated March 28, 2019 can be accessed here. For additional general information concerning S&P and its rating process, please go to


CSAFE is pleased to announce its FITCH Rating on Colorado Core, which was launched in 2018. Please click here to review the press release.